Sneakers appeared in the early 20th century when vulcanized rubber was perfected.

You could make a shoe with a rubber outsole.

Fast forward to the 70's. Sneakers started to become more specialized and running shoes became lighter weight with cementing replacing vulcanization, and the use of EVA foams while court-sports shoes used cemented cupsoles. Sneakers continued to evolve ever since with the development in materials and technologies.

But there was a dark side—consumption. Mass markets and global brands needed to sell massive volumes. Fashions and technologies came and went in and out of style. Sneakers became a commodity and a fast fashion item. Quality and durability, sacrificed to profit. Tons of sneakers ending in landfills after mere months of being produced, bought and tossed.

So why would we make yet another sneaker? It is rather simple.

Simple & Strange sneakers are not built to hit a target price. We make high quality, durable sneakers that we think you will not get tired of for years. We select our materials for their quality. 

We design our upper patterns for quality, style, fit, not for material yields. You will not find a seam placed randomly for cost-cutting reasons. We are not hiding cheap materials out of your view to increase our profit by a fraction of a percentage. It's all about a damn good sneaker that will perform and last a long time.

We sell directly to the consumer, so you do not pay the markup of the distributors and retailers. You pay for quality.


And strange, because that is not how big sneaker brands operate.