Building a sneaker brand with purpose and for the strangest few.

We are tired of seeing poorly made sneakers from large brands which quickly become obsolete, our approach to building a better sneaker is different. 

Considering the frequent use of shoes in our everyday lives, we don't think sneakers (or any other shoe) are sustainable. Rather, we believe sustainability can be achieved through design, marketing, maintenance and changing our behavior towards them. 

This is why at Strange Brand MTL we diligently choose our materials, the place where we manufacture our sneakers as well as the manufacturing processes in order to be called a responsible and ethical company. 

In this regard, we are strange …

We want to extend the life of your sneaker, reduce your ecological footprint as much as possible, allow you to buy a socially responsible high quality product and to improve the experience you have when wearing Strange Brand MTL. 

Since our sneakers are designed to combine premium materials, ergonomic comfort and style, we are confident that we can challenge the status quo of the footwear market by designing sneakers that are well thought and that you will enjoy wearing for years.

At Strange Brand MTL, our passion is sneakers.

To stay true to our commitment toward quality, we craft our sneakers in low quantity production from skilled craftsmen established in Portugal.

With that in mind, we will not follow the traditional releases of collections throughout seasons. However, we will thoroughly think of our processes and materials to deliver our best interpretation of a high end sneaker. 

Since each of our models are a limited manufacture run, pre-ordering is the only way of getting them.

In addition to adding the value of exclusivity, this approach allows us to maintain a healthy and viable business model without compromising the quality of our products.

Moreover, by responding directly to the needs of our customers, we ensure a low environmental impact and a fair price : we minimize the amount of handling as well as cutting out the middlemen, no goods of poor quality, bought in large quantities and unsold will be wasted. Everyone wins. 

By buying directly from us you are believing in our mission to create a more sustainable sneaker company in addition to allowing us to grow and have a meaningful impact on more people.